Application User Manual


System Architecture

l   Understanding the ecTA / ecPayroll system

l   Server

l   Workstation

System Operation

l   System

l   Human Resources Management

l   Leave Management

l   Time & Attendance Management

l   Payroll Management

l   Door Access Control Management

After-sales Services

l   Technical Support






System Architecture

Understanding the ecTA / ecPayroll system

System overview

l   About The Software

l   General Operation Flow

l   Minimum System Requirements

l   Software Installation Quick Guide




Database Management System (DBMS)


MS SQL Server Setup

l   Attach TAMS Database


Database Maintenance

l   Detach TAMS Database on SQL Server



Windows-client Application

l   Software(ecPayroll) Installation

l   Make connection to TAMS Database

Starting The Program

l   Starting TAMS

l   Solution for “Cannot running the system (For ecTA / ecPayroll version before 5.1.150907)

Web Application

( if applicable )


l   Web Management Module Installation

l   Component Service Installation

l   Updated Component Service



Hardware Dongle

** The hardware dongle is NOT a must depends on which program version you have installed **

l   Hardware Key Installation



l   Solution for “Hardware Key not found (For ecTA / ecPayroll version before 5.1.150907)


Windows-client Application




Web Application

( if applicable )





System Operation


User Interface (Admin)



Screen reference

l   Main screen

l   Main Menu


Login User

User Group

l   User Group Setup

l   Access Right Item List


User Account

l   User Account Setup

l   System login

l   Force User Logout  (¸)

l   How to reset system dongle  (¸)

System items


l   Item Setup




l   Introduction to Reporting


l   Generate a report in system backend

l   Require setting for printing Name Card




l   Commander




l   Reminder



Date Lock Protection

l   Date Lock Protection



Data Maintenance



l   Delete data from the system(Bulk)


Data Export



l   Data Export


Operation Log



l   Operation Log


Automation Server

l   Automation Server Setup

l   Starting Automation Server Module


Web module


l   Web Site Setup

l   Publish Online News to staffs


Sending e-mail


l   Email sending function setup



System Improvement Program


l   System Improvement Program



Human Resources Management




l   Company Setup

l   Department Setup


Screen reference

l   Dept Web Setup




Employee records



Manage Your Employee Record(s)

l   Add Employee

l   View / Edit Employee Record

l   Resign Employee


Find Your Employee Record(s)

l   Find out an Employee Record

l   Select Groups Of Employee

l   What is abnormal employee record, and how to find it out




l   Employee Record – Basic Information

l   Employee Record – Contact

l   Employee Record – Family

l   Change Employee ID



l   Employee Record – Employment



l   Employee Record – Movement


Education /

Working Experience


l   Employee Record – Education

l   Employee Record – Work Experience


Skill & Credential


l   Employee Record – Skills

l   Employee Record – Credential


Bank account



l   Employee Record – Bank





l   Employee Record – MPF

l   Employee Record – MPF Provider


Custom fields / Remark


l   Custom Field Setup

l   Employee Record – Remarks

l   Input custom information to employee





l   Employee Record – Insurance

l   Employee Record – Item



What is Appraisal Form

l   Appraisal Form Setup

l   Appraisal Item Setup

l   Appraisal Rating Setup

l   Employee Record – Appraisal




l   Employee Record – Dormitory


Training course


l   Employee Record – Course


Letter Management


l   Letter Template Setup

l   Letter Module Item List

l   Generate Letter


Canteen Management


l   Canteen System Setup

l   Employee Record – Canteen


Leave Management

Leave Type

l   Create a Leave Type in Software



Leave Entitlement

Leave Entitle Plan

l   Leave Entitle Plan Setup

l   Examples

1.        Full Pay Sick Leave Entitle Plan (Monthly Cut Off)

2.        SH Entitle Plan

Manual Assign a Entitle Plan to Employee

l   Manual assign a Entitle Plan to Employee

l   Manual assign a Entitle Plan to Employee(Bulk)

Set a Default Entitle Plan to Employee

l   Set a default entitle plan to employee


Leave Take



Manage Employee’s Leave Records

l   Add Leave Record

l   Batch adding new leave records for multiple employees

l   Import Leave Records (By Excel)

l   View Leave Record


Leave Balance



View / Edit Employee’s Leave Summary

l   Input Leave Opening Balance

l   Leave Day Adjustment

l   Leave Day Adjustment (Bulk)

l   Import Leave Adjustment Records (By Excel)

l   Reset Leave Balance


Post the Leave Balance

l   Leave Balance Posting

l   Trouble shooting-Nothing to show in screen Employee Leave Summary



Enter e-Leave Management Page

l   Web Site Setup


Create a e-Leave User Account

l   Web Site Setup – Access Group

l   Web Site Setup– User Account



Customize your e-Leave system

l   Email setup for e-Leave module

l   Configure the display of “approved leave applications of other staffs on the same day” in “Leave Approval” page

l   Configure the date period of applying approved leave cancellation

l   Configure the Leave balance table in Leave Application Page

l   Configure the Web module “Forget Password” handling


For HR admin :

l   Leave Application and Approval Records


l   Leave Cancellation Application and Approval Records


For Applicants :

l   User Manual (Applicant)


For Approvers :

l   User Manual (Approver)


Time & Attendance Management


l   Operation flow (General)

l   Operation flow (Retail Web)


General Setup

l   OT Type Setup

l   Holiday Type Setup


l   How to cap screen for system supplier (related to TA)


Device Management

What is a User Template?

l   Go to Device Management

l   Add Device setting in software

Download Punch Record

l   Download Transaction from device(s)


Template Management

l   View User Template list stored in software

l   Add a User Template in software

l   Import User Template in software

l   Delete a User Template in software

l   Update a User Template in software

l   Restore User Templates to Device(s)


Other Tool

l   Synchronize the PC time to the device(s)

l   Test Connectivity


Punch Records

l   Card_Mapping


Assign Card No to Employee

l   Assign Card No to Employee


View / Add Punch Record

l   View Transaction Data

l   Manual Add Punch Record

l   Import / Export Access Log Data


Shift Duty

What is Shift Duty?

l   Types of Shift Duty

l   Shift Combination


Screen reference

l   Shift Duty Setup Interface

Shift Duty

l   Add Shift Duty

l   Modify Shift Duty

l   Delete Shift Duty

l   Examples

1.        Example - Time Range and Usage

2.        Example – Single Shift

3.        Example – Split Shift

4.        Example – Single Shift with Flexible Lunch1

5.        Example – Single Shift with Flexible Lunch2

6.        Example – Fix hour duty

Preset the time range definition for a shift

l   Time range definition setup


l   How to set time define and usage

l   How to set night duty

Working Timetable

i.e. For the staffs who

l   have fixed working hours and pattern

l   have fixed rest days by week

l   most likely work in office

l   Duty Rule Priority


Duty Group Setup

l   Create a Duty Group

l   Define Timetable for a Duty Group

l   Edit Duty Group Timetable by using Quick Set

l   Import Public / Statutory Holiday List

Assign a Duty Group to employee

l   Select a Duty Group for an employee

l   View Timetable


Timetable of an employee

l   Define Individual Timetable

l   Example – Long/Short week


Overtime Application

l   Input overtime application


l   How to handle Typhoon / Black Rainstorm

l   How to handle Early Leave at Holiday

l   How to set duty holiday with regular pattern

l   How to set duty long and short week

l   How to handle when short week meets public holiday


Duty Roster

i.e. For the staffs who

l   work by following a roster table

l   may rest on different weekday

l   are operation staffs and work in front-line


l   Customize the Excel roster template


3 ways to input duty roster


Method 1 - Input directly in system back-end

l   Edit Employee’s Roster by Quick Set

l   Edit Employee’s Roster by Direct Input

l   Example


Method 2 – Import from EXCEL

l   Prepare Employee’s Roster in Excel

l   Import a duty roster Excel file to the system


Method 3 - Input directly in system front-end (Retail Web module)

l   Example



Time Attendance Analysis

l   What is Time Attendance Analysis?


Manual running Time Attendance Analysis from :

l   Timetable

l   Access Log



Attendance Result

l   Operation Flow - Analysis

l   Attendance Result Calculation Logic

l   Attendance Approval Level


Manage Employee’s Attendance

l   View Attendance Result

l   View Attendance Result (By Individual)

l   Amend Attendance Result


Approve Employee’s Attendance

l   Reset Attendance Approve Level


l   How to handle work out

l   How to check Attendance Problem

Accumulated Overtime

l   What is Accumulated Overtime


l   Viewing Accumulated Overtime balance

l   Convert Accumulated Overtime balance to Leave compensation

l   Adjust Accumulated Overtime balance

l   Reset accumulated OT balance



l   Staff Loan Process

l   Branch Setup

l   Web (Retail) Setup

l   Roster Statistic Setup(For Retail Web Module)

l   Main Manual




l   Main Manual


Payroll Management


General Setup

l   Fix Amount Item Setup

l   Define Payroll Variables

Starting Payroll Management

l   Starting Payroll Management


Basic Salary



Set Basic Salary for employee

l   Update Basic Salary to Employee

l   Import Basic Salary Records from Excel to the System


Bonus / One-off payment

l   What is One-off Payement


Adding One-off Payment Records

l   Input one-off payment record to employee

l   Batch input one-off payment records

l   Import one-off payment records from Excel to system


Delete One-off Payment Records

l   Batch delete one-off payment records


Salary Profile

l   Payroll Formula item List


Salary Profile

l   Create a Salary Profile

l   Add a Salary Item to the Salary Profile

l   Add a Payroll Formula to the Salary Item

l   Examples

1.        General Formula-example1

2.        Attendance Bonus Example1

3.        Attendance Bonus Example2

l   Assign Salary Profile to Employee

l   How to copy salary profile

l   How to set hourly wage formula


Salary Record



Generate Salary Records for Employee

l   Fast Salary Generation

l   Add Salary Record


Manage Your Salary Records

l   View Salary Record

l   Re-calculate Salary Record

l   Modify Salary Record

l   Delete Salary Record

l   How to check payroll calculation (related to basic salary)

l   How to check payroll calculation (related to leave)

l   How to check payroll record



Customize your own payslip template

l   Printing Payslip

l   Export Single Payslip

l   Sending Payslips by email




l   MPF Setup (For Hong Kong version only)

l   MPF Voluntary Contribution Setup

l   Exporting MPF data file


l   Payment Centre Setup

Define Employee’s Payment Centre

l   Employee Record – Payment Centre


Create Monthly Autopay File

l   Create Monthly Payment Record



How ecPayroll system handles HK taxation

Taxation module setup

l   Export IR56B (DB)

l   Printing IR56E form

l   Printing IR56F form

l   Printing IR56G form

l   Printing IR56M form


Door Access Control Management

Door Access


l   Access Control Setup

l   Door Group Setup

l   User Group Setup

l   Time Zone Setup

l   Transfer Time Zone

l   User Download

l   User Upload

l   User Access Status


After-sales Services

Technical Support

Providing information



l   How to cap screen